Chun-Jie Liu


Chun-Jie Liu · 2019-08-28

Try to do a little bit writing every night before bed, either writing a journal or a blog (hence I am restarting to blog again), even just for 2-10 min.

The words above are from X.S. Liu’s blog. Shirley is one of greatest scientists in the field of Bioinformatics. I have read almost all the blogs in X.S. Liu’s blog when I was in Leng’s Lab as a visiting Ph.D. student. At that time, I often access the blog site, but no updating blog. So I used Blogtrottr to monitor some blog sites updating that I read a lot. X.S. Liu’s Blog, David Robinson’s Blog, Rafa Irizarry, Roger Peng and Jeff Leek’s Blog and Yihui’s Blog share thier knowldge and experiences that I learned a lot.

Yihui Xie’s Blog encouraged me to start a personal blog when I was a undergraduate student. The one of the stories he shared impressed me is bicycling from Beijing to Tianjin or somewhere very far from Beijing that I did not remember clearly. At that time, I tried to write something to share, but shamefully to commit that I have no extraodinary experiences or specialized skills to write down and share. Poems stating poets’ ambitions and writing conveying truth bear in my mind, that impeded my motivation to write and share. Writing is the skill like swimming, deep praticing can really get promotion, after matering it you will never forget.

Now, I built this blog site based on Yihui’s blogdown package to try to write something from my minds and expierences. Even though they are not that impressive, I will keep moving and see it as an atomic habit. Writing this english blog takes more time than 2 - 10 min for me now, I think searching translation and grammar will take less my time in near future.